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ALIMONY OPTIONS IN PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS Prenuptial agreements in the past commonly contained alimony waiver provisions, specifying that if the marriage ended in divorce there would be no alimony claims from either side. More recently however, we have explored creative alimony options in prenuptial agreements, giving couples more choices on potential […]

Alimony Options in Prenuptial Agreements

ALIMONY IN HAWAII WHAT IS ALIMONY? Alimony in Hawaii, also referred to as SPOUSAL SUPPORT or SPOUSAL MAINTENANCE, is an amount of money which the Family Court has ordered one divorcing spouse to pay to the other. Typically, this was support paid from a husband to wife, however there is […]

Alimony in Hawaii

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Knowing Hawaii family law definitions is helpful when speaking with Judges, the Family Court staff, family lawyers, and other parties about your family law case, it’s important to be familiar with the terms and ideas. Below are some of the most common family law definitions. Doi/Luke, Islandlawyers is located in […]

Hawaii Family Law Definitions, A to Z