Welcome 2017!

HAPPY 2017!!!

New year's fireworks

As we reflect on 2016 and all that it brought, we thank our friends and families, and look forward towards 2017:

  • the 241st birthday of the United States;
  • year of the rooster (fire rooster, to be specific) in the Chinese horoscope;
  • Hebrew year 5778;
  • the United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development;
  • a total solar eclipse (8/21/2017); and
  • lots and lots of other stuff that we overlooked.

Happy new year all!

Trial and trial again

A very tough but very satisfying week in custody cases.  The math:

  • 2 custody trials
  • +2 clients who are great parents
  • +2 opposing attorneys, with a combined 60 years of practice
  • = 2 verdicts, each awarding custody to my client

I honestly don’t like to toot my own horn on these things (even though as most people know, us lawyers are pretty full of ourselves), but days like this are the times that I wouldn’t trade this job for any other.  Litigating for injuries, broken contracts, real estate – I’m not knocking it, but I’ve always felt the most gratified in litigating custody of a child.  Clients will make more money or find another job, but they won’t make another of this unique child.  

Make no mistake, child custody is an ugly, undesirable process best avoided by all parents – but when it’s unavoidable, and you believe in your client as the right parent for that child – having your client being awarded custody is an absolutely incredible feeling.

There are bad days, when being a family lawyer isn’t all peaches and cream.  But days like this sure can make up for it.

— Gavin, 3/7/2012